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☞THE HUNT(OPERA) ☞ Set Design☞

"Crucial to all this is Aoshuang Zhang’s scenic design. The action of Soper’s libretto unfolds in a forest clearing and a castle; but at the Miller, everything took place within a unit set of wooden panels that made up a large proscenium-filling wall. If you squinted long enough, they could be distant relatives of tree trunks. Mostly, though, the space just looks like a prison."  The New York Times (full review)

"From Aoshuang Zhang’s striking and spare sets and the sleek projection and live-cam work from Camilla Tassi to Ashley Tata’s simple but effective direction, The Hunt is a good-looking show, without feeling overdone. ."   Observer (full review)

"In general, The Hunt shone when it resisted the impulse to over explain or world-build too explicitly. The combination of quasi-medieval setting and digital technology... (full review)

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Kate Soper, Book and Music 
Ashley Kelly Tata, Stage Director
Mila Henry, Music Director
Annie Holt, Dramaturg
Aoshuang Zhang, Scenic Designer
Masha Tsimring, Lighting Designer
Terese Wadden, Costume Designer
Camilla Tassi, Projections Designer
Elliot Yokum, Sound Designer
Cha Ramos, Intimacy Choreographer


Miller Theatre at Columbia University

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